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Essbase Reports

I'm working on making NUMSys as your Hyperion Security Viewer and have some questions for you.

I'm planning to provide 3 sets of reports

1. Essbase Reports

2. Access Control Reports

3. Log Analyzer

There will be the following reports under Essbase Reports section

Essbase Reports

License and Server Report is going to be a report which shows the license information.

Sample Report

Application Report gives you a neatly formatted report (similar to the one we see in EAS Application properties)

Sample Report

Database Report gives you a neatly formatted report (similar to the one we see in EAS Database properties)

Sample Reports

Dimension Report gives you a report about dimension types, how many are there in a cube.

Sample Report

Essbase Access Control

Under Access Control Reports section, you can view the existing Essbase filters (which users/groups they are greanted). It'll also allow you to view the filter definition and export the filter maxl.

Under Log Analyzer, I've not working on this section a lot, however I'm planning to provide the Last Login details of given user.

I would love to hear your thoughts on what other Essbase reports you are looking for.

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