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Welcome to the NUMSys Web Edition


NUMSys Web Edition provides a web based user interface for importing, exporting and manage native users in Oracle Hyperion Shared Services.

It is capable of exporting users/groups using filters. You can use NUMSys for documenting about Native Users/Groups.

This version is compatible with version of Hyperion Shared Services.

How to install NUMSys, Web Edition

NUMSys comes with an installer jar file which can be used to install on different platforms.


  • Install NUMSys on a server where at least one EPM system product is installed.
  • NUMSys 3.1 is supported only on Weblogic server.
  • Check whether epm_j2se.jar is present under $EPM_ORACLE_HOME/common/jlib/$EPM_VERSION
NUMSys License

Choose a location for NUMSys

NUMSys Install location

Enter the location of existing EPM Home and EPM Oracle Instance

EPM Location

Enter the details of existing Weblogic Server

Weblogic Details
Installer Progress

Using NUMSys

This section describes how to use NUMSys Web Edition.

NUMSys action panel is divided into 3 categories

  1. Users
  2. Groups
  3. Reports

Import Users

You can use "Insert Rows" in "Import Users" section to import native users.

Import Users

You can specify how many users by specifying the number of rows.

No. of rows = No.of Users

Once the information is populated (Login ID and Password are required fields), use "Import" button to import specified users.
Import Users Success

Import Groups

You can use "Insert Rows" in "Import Groups" section to import native groups.

Import groups
You can specify how many groups by specifying the number of rows.

No. of rows = No.of Groups

Here is a quick video on how to add user(s)/group(s) to a group.

You can drag and drop user(s)/group(s) to the parent groups.

NUMSys Web Edition - Import Users

NUMSys Web Edition - Import Users

You can also look at the following sections (Assigning Users to Groups/Assigning Groups to Groups) to understand how to add external users and groups.
Import Groups
Import Groups Success

Assigning Users to Groups

You can search for the available user(s) from External Directory and Native Directory using "Search Available User(s)".

Search Available Users

You can specify which directory to pull the user(s) from.

You can also use filters to get user(s) from Shared Services as shown below.

Select a “User Property” and use a filter.

You can use wildcards in filters

  • K* - Starting with "K"
  • k* - Has k in it
  • k - Ends with a "k"
Assign Users

Assign the User(s) to a group by dragging them or by right click menu (Insert Children) on Parent Group and enter the user(s) information.

Assigning Groups to Groups

Assigning child group(s) follows similar technique shown above

  1. "Search for Available Group(s)"
    Assign Groups
  2. Drag them to the parent group (You cannot drop children to a child group)
    Import group drag error

You can even attach the group you are creating to another new group.

As shown in the example below, NUMSys will allow you to create "EPM Admins" group and will allow you to attach it to a new group called "Super Admins".

Import Groups

Modify Users

Search for the users to modify, you can use filters to do so.

Modify users

If there are multiple users, you can delete unwanted rows using right click menu.

Once required information is populated, use "Modify" to modify users. You can even modify multiple users at the same time.

Modify User

Modify Group(s)

Search for groups to modify.

Modify Groups

To assign users, follow the instructions from here.

To assign groups, follow the instructions from here.

Modify groups success

Export User(s)

Note: Passwords are not exported with this tool.

Search for the users to export.

Export users

You can remove unwanted users from the table using right click menu. Once required users are populated, use "Download table to file" link to download the file.

This will download the file as a "csv" file.

Download Table

File Contents


Export Group(s)

Search for groups to be exported. Once the required groups are populated, download the file.

Export groups sucsess

File Contents


Delete User(s)

Note: Take a backup before performing a delete operation

Search for the users to delete. Once the required users are populated, you can use "Delete" to delete the users.

You can also right click and delete the selected user.

Delete user menu

After confirming the user will be deleted.

Delete user confirm
Delete user success

Delete Group(s)

Search for groups to delete, once the information is populated "Delete" the groups.

Delete group success


NUMSys can be used to generate different sets of reports.

  1. Shared Services Reports

Shared Services Reports

3 sets of reports are offered under Shared Services reports

  1. User(s) Reports
    1. User(s) Provisioning Report
    2. User(s) Inheritance Report
    3. User(s) Report
    4. User(s) Comparison Report
  2. Group(s) Reports
    1. Group(s) Provisioning Report
    2. Group(s) Inheritance Report
    3. Group(s) Report
    4. Group(s) Comparison Report
  3. General Reports
    1. Application Ownership Report

User(s)/Group(s) Provisioning Report

You can export the Provisioning of all users/groups in all configured directories to a report.

NUMSys can plot the Provisioning up to 5 ancestors (Child User/Group, Role, Parent Group, Role, Grand Parent Group, Role, Ancestor 1 Group, Role, Ancestor 2 Group, Role, Ancestor 3 Group, Role)

Provisioning Report

Once the report is generated, you can download it.

User(s)/Group(s) Inheritance Report

You can export the inheritance of all users/groups in all configured directories to a report.

You can specify filters for user selection and specify which directory to pull the users.

NUMSys can plot the inheritance up to 5 ancestors (Child User/Group, Parent Group, Grand Parent Group, Ancestor 1 Group, Ancestor 2 Group, Ancestor 3 Group)

User Inheritance

User(s)/Group(s) Report

You can export all users/groups in all configured directories to a report.

You can also use filters to export specific users/groups.

Sample Report

Users reports download

User(s)/Group(s) Comparison Report

You can generate a comparison report to compare users/groups in two applications.

This Report will give you a list of users/groups provisioned in the application and a comparison table against the other application.

User Comparison Report

User Comparison Report

Application Ownership Report

You can generate an application ownership report for all applications registered with Shared Services.

This Report will give you a list of application owners

App owner report



Every section in NUMSys has right click menus.

Import user menu
  • Insert Rows - Allows you to add more Users
  • Clear Cell Contents - Clear the selected cell
  • Clear Row - Removes the selected row
Delete user menu
  • Delete User - Deletes the selected user
Import groups menu
  • Insert Groups - Inserts more rows for Groups
  • Insert Children - Inserts more child rows